Benevolence Mission Statement:  To  ensure  the  charitable  and orderly stewardship of funds. Providing for the various physical needs to assist families through difficult times.

Bereavement MinistryMission Statement: To assist families through counseling, preparation of meals, and the coordination of final arrangements.

Building & Grounds MinistryMission Statement: To maintain the physical appearance of the building, providing a comfortable environment   for  the  congregation  to  worship  and  fellowship.

Bus Ministry

Finance Ministry Mission Statement: To manage and record  the offerings given in support of the Lord’s Kingdom, as it relates to various ministries and outreach efforts.

Golden Oldies Ministry : Mission Statement: To provide an environment where the needs of our senior members are addressed through fellowship, bible studies and outings.

Educational Ministry : Mission Statement: To diligently see that every saint is instructed and trained  in the precepts and oracles of God.   To furnish able, sound teachers to instruct the saints in the Word  and  ways  of God  in classroom group, and one-on-one setting.

Evangelism Ministry : Mission Statement: In obedience to the Great Commission, which is to reach, teach, and assist the lost in  surrendering  to  the  gospel  of  Christ, this  ministry serves as a means of developing disciples for Christ.

Ladies Ministry : Mission  Statement: To address the various needs of sisters and to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship.

Marriage Ministry  : Mission  Statement: To promote God’s design and purpose for marriage, and  to provide  tools for building stronger and lasting homes.

Singles Ministry 

Youth Ministry 

Web Ministry  : Mission  Statement: To offer avenues of timely, critical response and engagement. Also, building dynamic, interactive, multi-layered activities and services that expand the church’s reach online.

Worship Ministry